The earlier your birthday is prepared, the better your chances of it being a success: your friends and their parents will have time to make plans and organise their schedules to come and celebrate with you!

Plus, at Laser Game Evolution, groups aren’t mixed, so you’ll only play with your friends! This means it’s best to reserve your games in advance because at the weekend, sessions are snapped up real early.

What you need to know

You can also plan your birthday party on weekday evenings. Fewer players come and play than at the weekend and you’ll definitely have more choice of game sessions. e.g. Tuesday evening after school or Wednesday



There are multiple ways to celebrate your birthday at Laser Game Evolution.

You can come and play one-off games or pick an all-inclusive package to share a snack with your friends between games (saving your parents several hours’ cleaning!!). Visit your centre’s page to find out more!

You can choose to play classic games but also test game modes to discover new ways to play. You can check out the “how the game works” page in the “The game” section to find out everything you need to know and see what kind of games tickle your fancy!

What you need to know

Why not ask your parents to help you choose and prepare your birthday?



Before sending off loads of invitations, make a list of all the friends you want to invite to your birthday party to make sure you don’t forget anyone.

You can then download ready-made invitations from your Laser Game Evolution centre’s website, print them out and give them to all your guests.Some centres even offer pre-printed invitation cards on luxury paper: order now!).