Laser Game is a genuine alternative to traditional party picks like bowling, carting, tree climbing, and cinema trips. Give your employees on the works council extra options by offering them a fun and athletic activity to share with family or friends. There’s a pre-paid ticketing system to let the company’s employees make the most of their laser experience.

Get your employees good prices on all our packages. To have your works council offer your employees Laser Game Evolution tickets, we offer a sliding-scale ticketing system.

Ask your centre to find out more about this offer


Our centres’ infrastructure means we can welcome your employees in a spacious and fun setting. Organise your seminars in this unique venue, then sit back as it works its magic. All your employees will be delighted by this unforgettable event. A game for adults played by children: at Laser Game Evolution, good times are guaranteed. Get off the beaten track: Laser Game is a perfect activity to reward your employees, including a buffet or cocktails, once you’ve signed a big contract or for an end-of-year party, and to celebrate the end of a successful year.

Build your team

Building a team, reinforcing its cohesion, and boosting its performance are key issues for businesses. Laser Game lets you develop exercises adapted to all types of day-to-day situations. Working on your teams’ motivation through a fun activity, placing your employees in an unusual context or quite simply offering them some breathing space before taking on a big project. Laser Game Evolution opens its meeting rooms and catering facilities up to you. At Laser Game Evolution, you’ll be among friends, surrounded by people you know in an exceptional atmosphere. You’ll have a real chance to get to know each other (again) between games, as you share drinks and snacks, but also when the results are given out, when everyone can share their experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!


The game modes are variations on the classic game, which offer you a fresh take on your Laser Game Evolution experience. The equipment lets you fully customise your games and create YOUR scenario just as you like it, to better meet your needs.

Each game mode can be adapted to a particular experience at your business. Tell us your needs, and we’ll work on custom proposals for you.


Laser Game is particularly good for business relations and is a useful tool to grow business. Your business can organise a branded day and invite your prospective and current customers to meet you in an exceptional setting. They’ll be delighted to get out of their regular working environment and your invitation will remain a memorable experience. We’ll also open up our meeting rooms if you want to work between games. With or without a meal, long or short, there are many options, adapted to your company’s needs.


Be an early adopter for a brand-new event and associate your image with a totally innovative, high-octane activity, anywhere, anytime!  Using two different-sized inflatable structures, Laser Game Events can set up this leisure activity for you outside or inside for all types of players.