Image Technologie


  • Laser Game Evolution uses European 100%-laser technology, which makes it a game of accuracy where you need to aim straight to score points.
  • We don’t use infra-red to recognise and record hits – that technology is much less accurate than laser technology.
  • With infra-red pistols, duels are more often won by the player who shoots first – this is not the case for our 100%-laser pistols.


  • What’s the point in playing a tag game unless you can run after each other?!
  • Collisions can happen during aLaser Game Evolution game, which is why the pistol and vest have been designed and adapted to keep you safe.
  • We also never mix groups. Increased safety means even greater in-game immersion!


  • The pistols are light and can be held single- or double-handed according to player preference.
  • There’s no need to press a button or hold your pistol with both hands to be able to fire.
  • You’re totally free to play as you want!


  • Fancy changing your name during a game? No worries! Our equipment lets you choose your player name!
  • The vests are fully configurable, too, and you can create your own ways of playing by configuring pistol reloads, by activating or deactivating certain targets, by giving you energy points, etc.


  • Laser Game Evolution’s equipment lets you run round the Maze in complete safety. Looking good and working well even in daylight, our equipment lets you play in an arena where the lighting can be both more varied and more nuanced to really get into the game.
  • There are two items, the vest and the pistol, which are pleasing to the eye, sturdy, and reassuring for parents. The vest, complete with its 16 targets (front, back, sides, and shoulders), is one of the most effective on the market.


  • The pistol also has 3 targets and 100%-laser technology means that the game is faster, more intense, and more strategic.
  • A latest-generation laser pistol with an LCD screen
  • Optional firing mode selection.