Who can play?

There’s no real minimum age to have a blast at Laser Game Evolution but the game is played in the dark and can prove physical as you’re allowed to run.

We recommend players who aren’t afraid of the dark and must be more than 1.20m tall as little ones might stumble over the cable connecting the pistol to the vest.


Because you won’t be mixed with other players you don’t know, you MUST reserve your game sessions!

Birthday and Happy Game packages sell like hot cakes, so best get in early!

Game T-shirt

Laser Game Evolution is a race game, with games lasting an average of 20 minutes. We recommend you bring a spare T-shirt if you plan to go out after playing (though if you keep the same T-shirt on, you sure won’t be short on space on the dance floor!).

1 – The sign-up

You need to choose a game name then divide the players into 2 or 3 teams identifiable by colours: red, yellow, and blue. You can also play individually (every man/woman for him/herself).

2 – The briefing

We’ll explain to you how the equipment works, the fair-play rules, and the safety instructions.

3 – The equipment

Each player is asked to put on their vest and grab hold of their laser pistol. The referee then starts the game!

4 – The game

The aim of a classic game is to score as many points as possible by firing at the light-up targets on your opponents’ vests with your laser pistol.

Of course, you can select this set-up or opt for other game modes.

Ask at your Laser Game Evolution centre for further information!

5 – The debrief

It’s the moment of truth. Savour the celebrations if you win, or hang your head in shame if you come last.

But don’t judge a book by its cover: at Laser Game Evolution, even the last can come first!