Fair-Play rules

No hand-to-hand combat

If 2 opponents touch or come face to face with their pistols within touching distance, the 2 players turn round and head off in opposite directions, without firing of course!

It is strictly prohibited to take your opponent’s pistol.N.B. Some forms of contact can be dangerous.

No hunting

If a player deactivates an opponent, the shooter must not intentionally keep following their initial target to shoot them again! Ditto for the player who’s been hit.

Don’t hide your target

This rule includes the fact that it is prohibited to hide your target even with part of your body, with the pistol or worst still, by leaning over to hide your targets.


Tournament rules

Of course, tournament rules take account of classic rules and are often used by members

You’re hit*, down you go!

If a player is up top and is deactivated, they must immediately drop down! This rule mixes the game up more and prevents a player from spending the whole game on the top level.

Zone Capture:

If a player is deactivated, they must leave the zone they’re in.

Official league rules:

For further information on tournament rules, visit the special section on leagues or the Lexis Codex

Safety rules

The safety rules are easy to follow:

  • Don’t run or play on the stairs
  • No hand-to-hand combat
  • Don’t climb on the maze walls
  • No low positions (lying down, kneeling, etc.)