Raptor players

Raptors are aggressively attacking players who move like lightning and are so ferocious their fellow players freeze in fear. Though bad at long shots, Raptors are extremely accurate and fast in short-range duels.


Always keep on the move. It’s better to expect a duel with opponents up front rather than waste time watching your back.

If you can’t hit a target, move and try and take them by surprise.



Rabbits are beginner players who haven’t played more than once or twice. Everyone’s been a rabbit at some time in their life, and few can stand up to experienced players.

But there is a race of rabbits who regularly start duels with old-timers… By the end of games like this, many of them rack up record scores… it’s just a pity they’re negative!


It’s up to you… Run fast or hide, hoping no one spots you.

You can also SHOUT for no good reason in an attempt to unsettle your opponents! All you then need to worry about is running even faster as everyone will know where you are.


We’ve identified 3 sorts of rabbit gamers… There must be plenty more (further research required…)

The lighthouse rabbit: Pick a spot, up top or firing through a narrow gap, and keep your activated laser pointing forward. With a little luck, you’ll be able to deactivate a player who runs by without spotting you.

The frenetic rabbit: While you run or shout (or do both at once), shoot all over at anything that moves without stopping to think. The next step will be to check before really laying into other players: they might be your team mates!

The ninja rabbit: The ninja rabbit often skulks in the shadows… waiting for a player to pass by. When they feel ready, they leap on their target and shoot all round the player, putting on a lovely light show (they’re actually just trying to shoot straight…). The ninja rabbit can’t yet tell the difference between friend and foe.

But it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to even run into rabbits who win bonus games

Middle players

These players form the backbone of any team. Often working as a group, they look to defend a zone or help other players trying to capture a zone.

Middle players have developed their teamwork and battlefield knowledge to make the most of their skill set.


Be organised and in-sync with your team. Move in groups of two or three and watch out for any incoming opponents as you look to break through their lines.


Try to hit your opponents in a cross-fire as often as possible: one player on the right, one on the left. Any opponent who pops up between the two of you will have no hope of escape, unless they come up behind you!


TURRET players

Turrets have developed their firing accuracy but their movement suffers as a result. These players are also known as “snipers” and can hit a fast-moving target from the other end of the maze. Their role is wide-ranging: keeping pressure on a specific zone, protecting entrances, supporting their team mates’ attacks… But their weakness in short-range duels makes them easy targets for Raptors.


Always be on the lookout. Mobility is key to the Turret’s game: regularly change position so your opponents don’t know where you’re firing from.


Take a ranging shot before trying to target your opponents. You need to hit them first time!